Geotab Device Warranty and Service Level Agreement

Device warranty:

Geotab has a robust device warranty and service level agreement. All Geotab devices come with 1 year limited device warranty and the system has 99.5% up time. Geotab has over 1.5 million units currently in the field. Their devices have an incredibly low failure rate of less than 1% over the first year.  The warranty claims are handled directly through us. In the unlikely event that the device malfunctions, we will ask Geotab to issue an RMA. Once they have approved, we will ship you a refurbished or new unit free of cost with an additional 1 year warranty. All you have to do is send the malfunctioning device back to Geotab. Please note, Geotab has right to void the warranty if they find that the device has been tampered with or been damaged in any way.

We have many Geotab units in operation over 10 years.  The units get an automatic update over the air to keep them current. Geotab also offers a lifetime warranty on the trackers, with 24/7 technical support on the more expensive Pro+ plan. Please see below for details about Geotab warranty and service level agreement.

Service level agreement:

The Geotab system is very reliable and has virtually zero downtime. Geotab, on their service level policy is committed to 99.5% server up time. However, Geotab usually exceeds that target and performs above expectations. Below is an article from Geotab explaining the server monitoring status of Geotab. You can find the article here:

Another factor to service downtime is network issues. While Geotab has no control over issues with their network partner, they work closely with them to make sure that it is resolved quickly.

Both warranties are subject to certain terms and conditions. See the Geotab End User Agreement or contact us.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Validating the Warranty for GO Devices

GO devices that are not on the ProPlus plan have a standard warranty period of 12 months from the date of activation. GO devices on the ProPlus plan at the time of failure are covered under the Limited Lifetime Device Warranty.

Providing Limited Lifetime Device Warranty

In the event of a failure on a GO6 or a newer device, Geotab will provide a replacement device if the device is on ProPlus at the time of failure.

The following terms apply to Geotab’s discretionary device replacement policy under the Limited Lifetime Device Warranty — due to the discontinuation of a carrier network.

  • Existing devices on the ProPlus plan must remain on ProPlus to be eligible for a free replacement device when a carrier network sunset event occurs.
  • If a device is not currently on the ProPlus plan, or is downgraded after March 2, 2020, it must be upgraded to ProPlus, and stay on ProPlus for a minimum of 12 consecutive months before the device is eligible for a free replacement.
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