Thank your for choosing GPS Tracking Canada and welcome to the Geotab platform.

Here is some information on getting started with using Geotab. We have already sent you instructions on how to log in to the system. If you have not received it please let us know.
The information below will help you get familiar with the system. We offer unlimited free training over the web and we strongly encourage you book an appointment once you have familiarized yourself with system. Our support contact will followup soon with an email with details on booking an initial setup training session with us. If you have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us. After the training, you will have the knowledge of how to make any changes to the system that you might want. The system is designed, so that anything we can do you can do yourself.

There are 3 important areas you should be aware of when you start using the system:

1. Product Guide: Under Getting Started & Help,  you’ll see a “Product Guide” – .  This is the user guide and is the best resource in understanding how to setup your vehicles and include many other important information and features that might be helpful to you. We have already completed “2.2 Software Setup” part of the guide. 

2. Map: This is a Google maps view where you can see where you vehicles are, their trips history and any zones/geofences you have setup. To see all your vehicles on the map:


  • Map (menu on left side)
  • “drop down arrow”  (see red arrow)
  • next to the Search box, then select one or more or Select All of your vehicles (see image below)

3. Vehicles: This is where you can see all the vehicles and tracking units assigned to you. We suggest you rename the vehicles as soon as you have installed the units.  Remember to match the serial number of the tracking device with the vehicle you want to change the name. 

Click on “vehicles” on the left. Afterwards select the vehicle based on the serial number you have installed in them.
















This short video below gives an into MyGeotab. It will provide you an idea of what to expect when you first log on to your database as well as how to navigate the system.

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