The MyGeotab UI allows anyone from beginners to experts easily use the platform! Geotab also provides many great how-to videos and guides to help walk you through everything you want to learn with the system.

As with any GPS tracking system, the most common feature that our clients want to see right away is the live tracking. Live tracking of vehicles in the MyGeotab platform is simply a few clicks away:

If you are looking for some more extensive videos, the below 2 parts cover getting up and running with MyGeotab.

Part 1: Getting Up and Running with MyGeotab. Topics: how to login, getting started, how to set-up users, user options, how to set-up vehicles, using the live map feature, reviewing trips history, and summary reports.

Part 2: Getting Up and Running with MyGeotab. Topics: groups, zones, messages, rules, exceptions, and engine status data.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our Technical Support if you have any questions on the use of your platform.


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