GPS fleet tracking can help with overall driver safety

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GPS fleet tracking can help

with overall driver safety

Many businesses who have trucks are facing challenges that can be addressed by GPS fleet tracking or GPS vehicle tracking.

What are some of these challenges? Safety is one challenge. GPS fleet tracking can help with issues such as reducing crashes, fuel economy issues, distracted driving and others. The adoption and implementation of GPS fleet tracking systems can make a positive impact in all of these areas. For example:

Crash-prone drivers

Poor or dangerous driving behaviors have been shown to increase the risk of crashes, potentially costing a company huge amounts in repaired or replaced vehicles, traffic tickets and possible lawsuits to collect damages. GPS fleet tracking allows you to see how fast your drivers are going. And when drivers know you’re watching, they naturally respond by driving more safely.


Drivers can no longer speed without your knowledge. Speeding is a huge factor in accidents, and gives your company a bad image on the road. GPS Tracking Canada offers speeding alerts and reports to keep you on top of your drivers’ behavior. If drivers know that you receive an alert every time they go over a certain speed, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in speeding.

Harsh Braking and Rapid Acceleration

Be proactive in mitigating risk and improving safety within your fleet. Our fleet acceleration report details each time a driver is a “Braker” (harsh braking) or a “Gunner” (fast acceleration). You can use your GPS fleet tracking system to monitor the incidence of hard braking or hard acceleration. Reducing these types of driver activities will help protect your valuable assets and keep your drivers safer.

Ensure seat belt usage

Engaging a seat belt is another type of PTO event that can be monitored to ensure that your drivers are following required safety procedures.

Compare behavior over time

Generate a little friendly competition between drivers, or even set goals for individual drivers by using analytics to evaluate driver behavior over time. Perhaps you offer bonuses for each month without a single speeding event, or reward the drivers with the safety behaviors.

Feel free to ask GPS Tracking Canada how GPS tracking systems can help your business!

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