GPS Tracking Commercial Vehicles

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GPS Tracking Commercial Vehicles

Commercial trucking where efficiency is a must. Deadlines that are common in the transportation industry drivers have to be safe, reliable and need to travel quickly. Moving goods is critical to the stability of any business that ships cargo, having a system in place that provides both vehicle security and driver oversight is of top priority. Almost every business involved with shipping or heavy machinery calls upon GPS tracking to provide real-time fleet management information.

GPS Tracking Via OBD II Port

When it comes to GPS tracking commercial vehicles  the most used solution is a GPS tracker. Without the need for a professional installation team, the GPS tracker uses power from the vehicle battery and the tracking device will provide data such as vehicle idling, speed driven and more. Commercial vehicles come with expensive price tags and it is vital to have data about both truck performance as well as driver activity that could impact that performance. Excessive vehicle idling can lead to wear & tear and increased fuel consumption. Driving habits such as harsh breaking, hard acceleration and simply driving at high rates of speed can produce mechanical issues down the road as well as other liabilities. Investing in a GPS car tracker devices that connect to the diagnostic port of a vehicle being such a valuable tool for those seeking to monitor commercial equipment.

6 Pin & 9 Pin Connector GPS Devices

The OBD II port on commercial vehicles is substantially different than those on standard automobiles. Commercial vehicles have much more advanced diagnostic ports than standard automobiles. Therefore, a specially designed OBD II port tracker with 6 or 9 connection pins are required. “Having complete access to vehicle driving activity along with automotive diagnostics is critical among businesses operating heavy machinery and other heavy equipment.Whether the application is theft prevention, asset management, safe driving monitoring or simple vehicle maintenance documentation, GPS trackers are an easy way to achieve a higher form of vehicle management.”

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