GPS Tracking Overview


Definition- A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the exact location of an asset, whether that be a vehicle, person or something else. The device must be attached to the asset in order to record the position at regular intervals. The recorded data can be either stored inside the tracking unit, or it can be sent to a database, or other internet-connected computer, using a modem embedded in the unit. GPS Tracking devices can specify your position wherever you are, on land, air or sea. Depending on the needs of the person using the system, these devices can be one of three different kinds.

There are three basic types of data trackers

Data Loggers

A GPS logger keeps a log of the position of the asset and updates and stores the information in its internal memory at regular intervals. GPS loggers have either a memory card slot, or a USB port. When a user is ready to use the information they must manually download it from the device. Once the data is downloaded it can put on a computer for further analysis.


Data pusher

In a Data Pusher, a GPS receiver and what is essentially a mobile phone are fitted together in the same box, and powered by the same battery. At regular intervals, the phone sends a text message via SMS, containing the data from the GPS receiver. This type of GPS Tracker is used by people who need to know where their assets on a regular basis but can not easily download the information manually. Businesses and police departments use them frequently for such applications as searching for stolen vehicles, and fleet control.


Data pullers

unlike a data pusher, which sends the position of the device at regular intervals or “pushes” the data, Data Pullers are always on and can be queried as often as required. Data Pullers are coming into more common usage today. As in a Data pusher, they are made up of a GPS receiver, and the components of a cell phone. Unlike the pushers however, they only send out data when a user first sends them a special message. The Data Pullers then reply to the user’s message with their location.

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