GPS Tracking Puts the Manager in Control


Most companies run a commercial fleet to distribute their products and are finding an enormous range of benefits from investment in GPS tracking systems to run them efficiently. Initially, GPS devices were installed into vehicles to locate them in the event of theft; huge savings were made and insurance companies were more than happy to reduce premiums on fleets of vehicles where they could be assured of being able to trace stolen vehicles.

Nowadays, managers of commercial fleets choose tracking systems according to their particular requirements: on-board navigation is one feature that all drivers require and the saving on fuel by taking the shortest route can be gained whether it applies to sales fleet cars or distribution lorries. Real time tracking means that managers can help their company to make phenomenal savings because drivers can no longer make unauthorized use of the vehicle, equating to savings in terms of company time and also fuel. Location, speed and direction of travel are relayed to the manager’s computer screen or mobile phone via satellite, putting the manager in complete control as he is able to give voice instructions if he feels that excessive speeds are being used or unsafe driving practices are putting lives at risk either the driver’s or that of the public.

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