Much as a vehicle’s GPS tracking system gathers information from various components, trucking management software ties all that and more together in the back office to allow fleets to make the best decisions possible. There are many options to help you keep track of data such as fuel consumption, mpg/kpl, idle time, hard braking and road speed. 

Fuel Data
Integrating a fleet’s fuel card data and GPS tracking system data allows them to better monitor potential fuel theft. Such systems match fuel level information from a truck’s on-board computer with fuel card data for that truck, that location and time. If more fuel was taken on than the truck could actually hold, there may be a problem. GPS Tracking Canada is a Geotab reseller and you would be able to use the fuel usage report to find out how much fuel the on-board computer is reporting.

Idling Time
Letting the engine run for more than 10 seconds without moving uses more fuel than it takes to restart the vehicle, says PHH Arval, and trucks with larger engines waste even more fuel while idling. Drivers should consider turning off their engines if they will be stopped for more than a minute, except while in traffic. This action has minimal impact on the starter system.

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that medium-duty trucks burn about 2.5 billion gallons of fuel while idling each year, or 6.7% of the total fuel they consume.

For heavy-duty trucks, “A general rule of thumb is every extra 10% idle time equates to another percentage point in fuel economy,” says Aaron Peterson, chief engineer of vehicle performance at Navistar.
Using MyGeotab you can setup anti-idle rules which will not only have a report but will activate the in cab buzzer so that the driver can stop idling the vehicle.

It takes as little as 30 seconds to view your vehicles’ fuel usage:

How to View the Fuel Usage for your Vehicle (01:29)

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