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GPS Tracking for construction equipment is being deployed by many companies across the work to improve productivity and reduce costs. The rapid improvements in infrastructures and capabilities of network connected devices has made it much easier to add tracking to construction equipment. Equipping construction equipment with GPS Tracking makes asset management a breeze. This allows for increases in efficiency in multiple areas of the organization. Moreover, the next generation LTE-M network allows for devices that are smaller, longer battery right and faster connectivity. This allows for asset management in powered or non-powered construction equipment.

GPS tracking is a very useful tool to increase your productivity and keep your projects moving along. The key benefit in having GPS tracking for construction equipment include:

Better Asset Management:

Adding GPS tracking to your construction equipment allows you to track where your assets will be at any given time. This gives you the ability to quickly check how many vehicles are assigned to a certain project or allows you to assign different assets to different projects across your organization. You can also use the tracking to verify when the vehicles are turned on/off and make sure they are not being abused.

Improved Vehicle Maintenance:

Adding GPS tracking for construction equipment allows you to track the ignition of your vehicles. This means you can also track the engine hours of those vehicles. Tracking engine hours will allow you to set up maintenance reminders based on actual engine use which will be more accurate for off-road construction equipment. A GPS tracking system will also allow you to manage the maintenance of your fleet in one central location, which allows for lower running costs and less downtime for vehicles.

Better Security for Your Fleet:

Construction equipment has some of the highest thefts in the word ranging from $300 million to $1 billion in the United States alone. A GPS tracking system will pay for itself if it can prevent or help recover one vehicle. Most of our GPS tracking systems and devices are programmed so that it can detect and report if the vehicle is being moved without the ignition being turned on. For non-powered assets, we can utilize a time-specific notification to know if the vehicle is being moved off-site after hours. The majority of our tracking devices are small and inconspicuous, allow you to hide the devices and increase the chances of recovery.

Receive Detailed Engine Data:

Adding GPS tracking to your off-road construction vehicle allows you to get engine related data directly from the vehicle diagnostics system. This will allow you to better track the condition of your vehicles and the ability to understand exactly what type of issue the vehicle has directly from one platform. Some of the data you can get through the system include:

  • Total amount of fuel used
  • Total amount of fuel used while idling
  • Trip fuel used
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine hours
  • Fault codes

You can also add various sensor and auxiliary inputs in some of our devices, allowing to get data from more sensors such as voltages, PTO, flow rates, etc.


This gives you an idea of how GPS tracking can be applied to construction equipment. With innovations and new solutions being brought to market, we are constantly adding new features and products so that we can meet our customer’s needs.


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