Installation Options for Geotab GO Device

There are 4 installation option for the Geotab GO device. If you are having issues with the device being “kicked” or falling off, you should try these options below.  The first option can be done in 10 min and at no cost and we strongly recommend to all of our client to do this. The other installation options will require purchase of additional adapter or possible professional installation.

1. Relocate OBD II port:

The OBD II port is usually held in place with 2 screws or tabs to the vehicle trim. You can unscrew the OBDII port, turn it 90°, and tie it back into the vehicle with a simple twist tie.

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2. Extension Cable

You can use a Geotab extension cable to move the device out of the way. The installation is very simple.

3. Universal OBD II T-Harness 

The universal OBD II T-harness allows you to do a semi-covert installation. You can see the video below for more details and find the instruction here:

4. Professional hardwired installation with 3-wire adapter

The final option is hardwiring the Geotab device directly through the vehicles power, ground and ignition. This requires and 3-wire adapter and professional installer to do the installation.


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