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The Future of Inventory Management with Inventory Tracking.
BeWhere Bluetooth Tracking Tags for Managing Assets.
The BeWhere beacons are currently equipped with proximity sensors, which gives an approximation of the distance between the beacon and the receiver. The receiver can be a smartphone or a BLE/Wifi Gateway (BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy). The beacon-to-receiver range is up to 250m, but it can vary depending on what’s in between (walls etc). This is what influences the accuracy of the positioning and defines the number of gateways needed.
Construction equipment, tools, cleaning equipment, disaster recovery equipment, generators, paramedic equipment, palettes or cases.
The BeWhere beacons can help keep track of these items.


Industries / verticalsUtilities, Transportation and Logistics, EMS, Construction, Mining, Waste Management, Service Fleets, Government
Fleet sizesAll
The problem that is addressedAsset tracking and inventory counting
How the problem is solvedAttach low-cost ruggedized beacon to asset and setup reporting gateways either through:
1) IOX cable (IOX-BT) on Geotab GO device in vehicles,
2) Android-based smartphone/tablets, or
3) Fixed BLE/Wi-Fi gateway for installation in facilities such as loading docks, warehouses, job/construction sites
Beacons transmit proximity and sensor data when in range of these gateways
Key features of the solutionSimplicity and low cost of implementaton, long-range (up to 250m line of site), ruggedized beacons for industrial applications,
Data elements integratedBeacons transmit Asset IDs along with Impact counts, light levels, temperature, battery levels and proximity primarily through the IOX-BT. Data is visible using standard Engine Measuement dtata reports, or through BeWhere’s backend and via a MyGeotab Add-In. More info can be found in the “AddingBeWhereWebToMyGeotab” document and sales material.


At GPS Tracking Canada, we help companies with vehicles save money on fuel and labour costs, by providing GPS tracking solutions that are customized for your business and tailored to your budget.
GPS Tracking Canada is a Geotab Partner Company.

MyGeotab is open platform telematics with advanced analytics and real-time integration. Get actionable insights on your fleet vehicles and drivers. Track one vehicle, or thousands, right from your smartphone or tablet.

For over a decade, Geotab has been a proven industry leader in the area of GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking, also known as telematics. Fortune 500 companies, including 30% of the top ten fleet and 10% of the top 100 fleets in North America, rely on Geotab’s technology. Since Geotab provides end-to-end, hardware and software, solutions that are entirely scalable, both enterprise organizations and small-to-medium sized firms are active users. Geotab’s products are represented and sold worldwide through its Authorized Reseller network.

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