Just a few benefits of GPS tracking for fleet tracking and vehicle tracking

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If you are a contractor, roofer, electrician, HVAC, etc. owner, then you know how important it is to keep track of your crew and your trucks. GPS Fleet Tracking solutions deliver efficiency in almost every aspect of your organization from administration to streamlining routing.

GPS fleet tracking / vehicle tracking can automate your vehicular administration by scheduling service, recording working hours for your crew and how much travel they did (record kilometers travelled). You will get real-time response and information so you can make decisions on the fly based on verified information and not only your gut. Using an accurate vehicle monitoring system empowers your managers and makes your drivers completely accountable.

Lower maintenance costs due to less wear and tear on your vehicles is another benefit of GPS fleet tracking. Tracking vehicles means your drivers are staying within posted speed limits thus reducing engine and tire wear. Vehicles are automatically slotted for regular service which means they are being looked after better.. Vehicles also experience less off-hours usage / moonlighting, thereby saving on fuel and maintenance.

As a manager you are in better control of your fleet, unauthorized usage is virtually eliminated as those activities are instantly identified and stopped. If one of your vehicles was stolen, it can be immediately tracked and found. Alerts can be set up to let you if any vehicle moves outside of it geographical area or outside business hours.

Another major benefit of GPS tracking is route optimization to save on fuel and labour costs.

Many insurance companies offer a discount for companies with GPS vehicle tracking, because monitored vehicles and drivers take better care and bad driving habits are reduced thus cutting back on accidents. Of course as stated earlier, with GPS tracking vehicle and load theft is highly reduced, again reducing insurance costs.

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