Limousine and Taxi companies are using GPS Vehicle Tracking products and services from GPS Tracking Canada to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Locate closest available vehicles to a new pick up
  • Validate arrival and departure times
  • Lower insurance costs fleet wide
  • Create and distribute driving directions

With limousine fleet management technology, you know that your drivers are at the right location at the right time to provide your customers with the VIP treatment that they expect. Ensure that you make a great first impression, with GPS fleet management solutions to guarantee your drivers are there to make that all important pickup.

Wit the power of Google maps, and the flexibility of geo-fencing, Real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking can help you choose the vehicle closest to a new pick-up, so you can minimize empty legs. Each time one of your limousines picks up a new customer instead of taking an empty trip back to the yard, the fee for that trip is essentially pure profit. $100 for each pickup customer rather than an empty trip can easily turn into thousands of dollars of additional revenue. That is the power of limousine fleet management technology.

Our GPS Fleet tracking interfaces are user-friendly and real-time, allowing them to be integrated with Garmin devices. Dispatching your vehicles and routing them in real time to avoid traffic challenges can make your fleet more efficient and productive. Resolve customer and employee inquiries painlessly with our GPS Fleet Management solutions that allow you to validate arrival and departure times.

Our limousine fleet management technology can help you reduce your driver’s idling times, by providing you with detailed information on an individual vehicle, or an entire fleet so you can reduce your fuel consumption and vehicle wear.

Learn how a Real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking System from GPS Tracking Canada can benefit you.

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