Wialon Locator Links


The Wialon Locator links are unique feature that allows yous to share tracking link of one or more of your vehicle to anyone. 

Wialon allows you to:

  • Create links for one or more of your vehicles that can be shared with anyone.
  • Links can be set to expire after a specified period of time or can be setup indefinitely. 
  • Provide access to tracking information for certain vehicles. For example, you can share this link with your clients when the vehicle has left for deliveries. This way your clients can track your vehicles in real time. 

Locator links can also be added to any notifications, giving you quick realtime access of your vehicles without needing to log in to the system.

Some examples include:

  • Automatically send out link if a vehicles has left a geofence (office, shipping depot, etc) 
  • Automatically receive link if your vehicle is speeding
  • Received a locator link if you vehicle is being used after hours
  • Many other combinations. 

Wialon allows you to get a notification immediately via email start tracking the device immediately. You can also provide that link to the authorities so that they may use it to track the vehicles. Locator links can be added to any notifications so there are many ways they can be utilized to help your business need. 

You can create locator links also using the mobile application, please visit the following page for more information: https://gpstrackingcanada.com/wialon-mobile-app.html


Creating locator links

Managing locator links


Locator link in action

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