Geotab GPS Tracking System Hardware:

Geotab GPS tracking system models

have an in-vehicle buzzer

to help modify unwanted driver behaviour

This is a key differentiator that sets Geotab apart

from other GPS tracking systems


This brief video demonstrates how to setup parameters in Geotab GPS tracking system, for the in-vehicle buzzer, so that is used to modify unwanted driver behaviour, which

  • wastes fuel
  • causes excessive vehicle wear
  • compromises driver and public safety

Fully customizable parameters to activate the in-vehicle buzzer are

listed below.  The buzzer can be enabled for any or all of these activities listed

below.  The in-vehicle buzzer can be totally disabled. It’s your choice.

  • speeding costs money: wastes fuel, unsafe, unlawful, excessive vehicle wear
  • engine idling costs money: wastes fuel, unsafe, unlawful, excessive vehicle wear, pollutes
  • engine over revving – rapid acceleration costs money: wastes fuel, unsafe, excessive vehicle wear
  • harsh braking costs money: wastes fuel, unsafe, excessive vehicle wear
  • auxiliary input activation: any type of sensor, ie. door sensor – driver left rear door open

The buzzer beeps continuously until the behaviour is modified.

 The in-vehicle buzzer makes your life easier, because you don’t have be directly involved in managing your drivers to modify their unwanted behaviour. 


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