My Geotab SDK (Software Development Kit) Introduction

This document will give you a brief overview of the SDK available on

by GPS Tracking Canada


 Geotab SDK is a “software development kit” which helps people use a platform to extend functionality. There are technical and non-technical aspects of the Geotab SDK for anyone using 5.7 or later. Geotab offers developer level support for all aspects of the SDK: Ask questions in the SDK forums, Get up to date documentation and how-to’s, and Download sample apps to kick start development.

SDK Concepts: Language supported JavaScript SDK, C# SDK, and HTTP.

Integrate third-party software Use trips to automatically bill customers based on time there.  Geotab SDK addins creates new functionality inside MyGeotab. Geotab SDK can automate tasks you could import a list of vehicles and people from Excel when a new account is set up.


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