Nearest vehicle on Wialon

Wialon offers an easy way to find the nearest vehicles. It is a great feature to save travel time for the driver, expense on fuel and more.
You simply use the nearest unit too and double click anywhere on the map. A menu will pop up with the location’s information. As soon as you select Nearest on the menu, distance to the location on the selected will appear on the in list of vehicle and the clicking on the vehicle name will focus  the map to that exact vehicle.

As you can see above the feature is very easy to use and can come in very handy in situation where you need to know exactly how far a vehicle is from a certain location. Some examples that we have seen from our clients are:

  1. Letting your customers know how long their delivery will take to reach their location
  2. Finding technicians near a given location to quickly dispatch them in case of emergencies. 

Several additional parameters can be applied to the search:

Number of units to show
5, 10 or 20 units can be shown (choose the number from the dropdown list).

Consider routing
When choosing this option, the distance from the indicated place to a unit is calculated not directly but taking into account existing roads. Moreover, enabling this option you can not only receive the distance between the indicated point and a unit, but also time which is necessary for covering this distance.

Any geofence can be selected as district limitation. The filter by geofence is applied to found results only. This feature is designed to exclude from search results the units which are far away from the indicated place.

The nearest feature can be combined with the locator links feature in wialon to give you clients a quick way to track vehicles that have been dispatched to them. Visit the following link for more information: Wialon Locator Links

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