Notification and Alerts in Wialon

There are many ways you can use notification and alerts in Wialon. You can be notified about any unit activity that you consider significant. It can be speeding, location, sensors values, etc. A notification can be delivered by e-mail, shown online in a popup window or sent by some other means.

There are few different types of notifications that can be used to track you vehicles:

  1. Speed: This type of notification can be used to monitor you vehicles for speeding. It can be set to trigger based on road speed limits or a specific defined speed. For more information about monitoring speeding in Wialon, visit
  2. Geofence or zones: You can use this notification to monitor when a vehicle enters or exits a geofence. This can be used for a single or a group of geofences. Especially useful for tracking movement after hours. Geofences can be used for many different applications. For more information visit
  3. Idling: This type of notification will allow you to monitor idling of the vehicle. This can be setup with geofences to allow you the ability monitor idling in specific geofences. Can be useful is areas where idling in prohibited.
  4. Maintenance: You can setup notification for maintenance intervals of your vehicles. This interval can be in days, kilometers, engine hours, or together. For more information about maintenance is Wialon, please visit:

More more information about notification in Wialon or any of the vast features, please contact us directly. 

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