Why Choose OEM GPS Tracking with Geotab?

With over 2 million GPS tracking devices in operation and driving over 100 million miles daily, Geotab processes over 40 billion data points every day. Now they have partnered with some of the biggest vehicle manufacturers to provide an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) GPS tracking solution! 

Using the built in OEM GPS tracking system in your Volvo, Mack, Ford, GM, Caterpillar, John Deere, Vermeer, International, PSA or Mercedes-Benz vehicles you are able to access rich OEM-specific vehicle information. Since the OEM is built in, you do not have to pay for additional hardware or installation costs, with the added benefits of having tamper-proof hardware and sensors!


Benefits of OEM GPS Tracking

  • No device cost
  • No installation cost
  • Tracking can be done covertly without drivers knowing. This helps to prevent possible tampering events.
  • There is no requirement for deinstallation or reinstallation in the event you switch vehicles, sell a vehicle, or take one off the road
  • NO CONTRACT: you are not locked in since you are not committing to a physical device
  • View all of your OEM telematics data from multiple manufacturers on one platform

No devices = no installation = no vehicle downtime!

Activation is easily done remotely once your vehicle’s VIN is confirmed.


How Does Geotab’s OEM Data Platform Work?

  1. Data is collected by the vehicle/asset and uploaded to the OEM’s cloud.
  2. This information is then transferred to Geotab’s secure cloud platform.
  3. The data is then standardized to allow for a seamless experience for all vehicle data.
  4. This standardized data is then sent through to Geotab’s web-based fleet management solution (MyGeotab), allowing you to have all of your vehicle and asset information in one spot.

Icons representing OEM data being funneled into MyGeotab


Vehicle Eligibility

VolvoVNL, VNR, VNX, VHD, VAB – only with Volvo Engine2018 and newer
MackPinnacle, Granite, Anthem – only with Mack Engine2018 and newer
CaterpillarAny Caterpillar machines with active ISO 1 5143-3 (AEMP 20) API subscription.N/A
FordModels are eligible once validated by Ford. Most 2019 and newer
GMModels are eligible once validated by GM.Most 2015 and newer
John DeereMust have an active machine subscriptionN/A
InternationalLT, RH, LonestarMost 2019 and newer

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*adapted with info from Geotab OEM Telematics
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