Optimize Dispatching, Reduce Miles Driven With Route Planning Software

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Route Planning Software Optimizes Dispatching and Reduces Miles Driven

Route planning is one of the most challenging roles in driver management. There are many variables that are constantly shifting such as customer time preferences, traffic, new unplanned jobs, etc. GPS Tracking Canada in partner with Geotab can help increase productivity, optimize your business and lower fuel costs with our route planning software, My.Geotab.

Action Plan: Define a baseline measurement for your Route Efficiency. Driving Time and Average Driving Time by Customer are excellent key performance indicators (KPIs) for evaluating route efficiency.

Improving Dispatching Tools: Are you dispatching more than 5 jobs per driver and have over 5 vehicles? If you are, evaluate the use of Garmin Messaging & Dispatching with your drivers. This has the benefit of allowing you to dispatch routes, get response on completions of stops and allow your drivers to utilize Garmin navigation for best route options.

Improving Route Planning Tools: Does your fleet drive planned routes on daily/weekly/monthly schedules? Utilize the route planning software functions of My.Geotab to organize and optimize route plans. Evaluate the efficiency of existing routes. Compare these route plans against actual driving behavior to identify issues.

Utilize Dispatching with Garmin: You can integrate Fleet-ready Navigators with Geotab’s Go Series of GPS Tracking Systems. GPS Tracking Canada can help you setup this solution with your fleet. Contact us for more information.

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