Optimizing Fleet Efficency With GPS Vehicle Tracking

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Optimizing Fleet Efficiency With GPS Vehicle Tracking


Using a a dependable GPS vehicle tracking system will help you have a fully optimized fleet. Using your GPS vehicle tracking system you can smartly make decisions on how to utilize your people and vehicles.

Using GPS Tracking Canada’s GPS vehicle tracking systems you can remotely track and monitor your vehicles 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The robust data management capabilities can help you control operational costs and improve productivity.

Studies have shown that companies that use GPS vehicle tracking solutions have improved productivity, increased vehicle utilization, and achieve reductions in fuel and labor costs.

Here are some benefits you can receive once you start using a GPS vehicle tracking solution in your business

  • Increased Productivity: By easily identifying vehicles not being operated efficiently, productivity can be increased which in turn can be used to increase sales and improve customer service. This information can also be an important training tool to help employees with their efficiency.
  • Reduced Costs: Reduce your fuel bills and eliminate unapproved or extended trips. With GPS tracking, total fleet mileage is reduced and driving behavior is improved which, in turn, also reduces maintenance costs. Finally, reduce overtime expenses by eliminating false time sheet claims.
  • Reduce Unauthorized Use: Customized real-time alerts will instantly flag any movement of the vehicle outside working hours or unauthorized areas. By knowing where your equipment is and where it has been anytime, day or night, this can also aid in theft recovery.
  • Increased Driver Safety: The incidence and severity of accidents and driver fatalities increases disproportionately with speed. Encouraging driving within speed limits improves road safety. This is easily achieved with speed reports and the color-coded tracks.

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