GPS fleet tracking technology for Paratransit helps senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

GPS Tracking Canada’s Paratransit fleet tracking solution is helping service providers ensure passengers receive the finest care possible. Paratransit services are special public transportation options for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. GPS vehicle tracking is changing the face of business and more importantly, affecting people’s lives in a positive light.

Although the Paratransit industry serves a small group of people compared to public transit modes, the operational costs are much higher. Ensuring that operating expenses are utilized efficiently is a top priority. GPS Tracking Canada’s fleet tracking solutions for Paratransit can direct drivers to the exact location of a passenger, thereby providing punctual, accurate and efficient transportation services.

The Paratransit pickup procedure typically requires that reservations are made via the telephone or the Internet for the driver to meet passengers at designated locations. Pickups may be missed when drivers cannot locate the specified pickup location or traffic prevents a driver from arriving on time. This issue can lead to stranded passengers, thereby affecting their safety and your business.

GPS Tracking Canada’s GPS Fleet Management technology and dispatch application can help Paratransit agency dispatchers communicate with their drivers to help them locate their assigned pickup or reroute a different driver to a pickup based on vehicle proximity. This GPS tracking system can help reduce the number of missed or delayed pickups and improve passenger safety.

Talk to a fleet management specialist to learn how GPS Tracking Canada’s fleet tracking solutions can benefit your company.

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