Cell phone tracking, tablet tracking or radio tracking
Vehicle tracking

What’s the difference between these types of tracking?
Don’t they all do tracking?

In this table we review why you might want to give serious consideration to dedicated vehicle tracking,
rather than cell phone tracking (smart phone), tablet tracking or radio tracking.

We review the following questions and explain why the answers to these questions are so important:

  1. Who has control of the tracking?
  2. Within the organization, what is the decision making level of the person who controls the tracking?
  3. Within the organization, what is the compensation level of the person who controls the tracking?
  4. Is this type of tracking susceptible to driver tampering?
  5. What is the value of asset being tracked?
  6. How effective is this type of tracking for a liability defense?
  7. What is the time period recorded by the tracking?
  8. Does battery life play a role in the effectiveness of the tracking system?
  9. How extensive are the reports and reporting? (alerts)
[gview file=”https://gpstrackingcanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/phone-tracking-vs.-vehicle-tracking-compared.pdf”]
Phone tracking vs. vehicle tracking

Dedicated vehicle tracking vs. cell phone tracking?

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