Affordable fleet management from GPS Tracking Canada provides real-time GPS tracking to help plumbing companies keep their fleets efficientand productive as they service commercial and residential customers.

A few years ago, the plumbing industry was still uninterested in GPS Tracking. Today, more and more plumbing companies are recognizing the power and value of fleet management technology for their operations..

So what changed? Plumbing companies began to realize that some of their plumbers were more efficient than others; getting to their job sites, doing their work and heading off to the next job. Other plumbers were much less efficient, taking longer times to drive to sites, and spending more time idling in their vehicles before and after each job. Plumbing companies have started to use GPS fleet tracking technologies to monitor their plumber’s behavior, including when jobs are started and completed, how much time is spent driving, if the drivers are taking the best routes, and how much time workers sit idle instead of answering service tickets. Plumbing companies realized that they should have been praising the first type of employee, while curbing the behaviors of the second type. With GPS tracking technologies, they were finally able to measure each employee and treat them appropriately. As a result, customer service was enhanced, and operational expenses were reduced.

With reports that make it possible for managers to monitor idle time, routes taken, speeds, the number of stops made per day and the duration of actual time at the jobs, companies can control their costs in ways that they could not before adopting GPS tracking solutions.

In addition, with our real-time GPS vehicle dispatch solution, managers and fleet dispatchers can plan their day better by setting up a driver’s daily jobs and even reroute crews to emergency calls with the in-vehicle Garmin mobile data terminal. With integrated dispatching software, plumbing companies of all sizes are able to increase driver productivity and better plan their days.

For some customers, a real time GPS Tracking Solution can for itself in 90 days or less. How will you improve your business in the next 90 days?

Talk to a fleet management specialist to learn how Plumbing companies are using GPS Vehicle Tracking products and real-time GPS tracking services from GPS Tracking Canada to save money on fuel and labour costs.

  • Verify work tickets
  • Increase response time to new and emergency service calls
  • Validate time spent on the job site for both customers and employees
  • Improve billing and customer service
  • Reduce excessive idling and speeding
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