Tax Refund for a Power Take Off

A power take off (PTO) operation refers to auxiliary equipment added to a licensed motor vehicle that uses clear diesel fuel, gasoline or propane from the vehicle’s fuel tank(s) to operate PTO equipment, such as:

  • cement mixers
  • aerial buckets, lifts and cranes
  • refrigeration units
  • power vacuums, pumps and blowers

If you paid tax on fuel used in Ontario to operate auxiliary PTO equipment, you may be eligible for a refund.

Calculating a refund – PTO activity on or after July 1, 2017

Effective July 1, 2017, a PTO refund is calculated by applying a pre‑determined percentage allowance against the total fuel disbursed to the licensed vehicle containing the qualifying auxiliary equipment. The following gives the ministry allowances established according to an activity type (e.g., vacuum trucks, paper shredders, reefer units).

PTO allowance chart

40%Vacuum/Hydro Vac Trucks over 600hp
30%Paper Shredders
Ready Mix Trucks
25%Vacuum/Hydro Vac Trucks over 300 – 599hp
20%Cranes Rated over 11 tons capacity
Hydracrete Pump
Tow Trucks (Heavy Tows)
Vacuum/Hydro Vac trucks up to 299hp
10%Carpet/Duct Cleaning & Mobile Washing
Fire Vehicles
Garbage Packers (Front/ Rear or Side Loaders)
Loading/ Dumping
Lugger Unit
Reefer/ Temperature Controlled
Roll Off Unit
Stone Slingers
Utility Vehicles (Aerial Buckets, Cranes Rated up to 11 tons capacity, Digger Derrick, Tow Trucks)
Waste Disposal/ Recycling
Well Drilling
Winch Cable Truck
5%Auto Transport
Line Painters
Log Loaders
Street Sweepers


Please visit government of Ontario’s website for more information. or contact the ministry at 1‑866‑ONT‑TAXS (1‑866‑668‑8297) if you do not see your equipment type listed or are uncertain which allowance may apply to your business.

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