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GPS Tracking Canada is a Canada wide technology company specializing only in commercial GPS tracking systems. We are able to provide you with the highest level of customer service in GPS tracking solutions, because it’s our only focus. We don’t sell wireless phones, tablets or other gadgets. For live tracking we are proposing the Geotab GO7 GPS tracking solutions. Geotab is an international GPS tracking solutions company with a North American head office in Oakville Ontario.

Geotab has been developing end to end GPS vehicle tracking solutions since 1998. Geotab’s solutions are proven technology. Fortune 500 companies, including 30% of the top ten fleet and 10% of the top 100 fleets in North America, rely on Geotab’s technology. Geotab is established in more than 50 countries, with over 1,000,000 tracking units in operation and consequently is at the forefront of fleet and resource management technology. Geotab offers software that is easy to use and since Geotab provides end-to-end, hardware and software solutions that are entirely scalable, enterprise organizations as well as very small-to-medium sized firms are active users. State-of-the-art hardware and software and hardware has always been a Geotab trademark.

All of Geotab’s products are manufactured in Oakville Ontario, Canada.


At the time of the order, payment is required for the hardware and two full months of the monthly live tracking system usage fee (first and last), plus the prorated partial month from day of installation (billed later). The monthly live system usage fee is due on the 1st of each month and is payable on a pre-authorized credit card or electronic funds bank transfer. No long term agreement. Cancel any time with 30 days notice. Pricing does not include taxes and shipping.

Geotab GO7


The Geotab GO device simply plugs into the vehicle diagnostic port (OBD II), which is typically found on most vehicles after 1997, to the left of the drivers left foot.  Installation is a simple as plugging an electrical cord into an electrical outlet – that’s it.  No technical knowledge required.

Monthly rate plans comparison

For more details on Geotab tracking visit 


Software: No charge.  Unlimited system use via internet access.

                  No extra charge for software updates.

                  Mobile access via tablets and smartphones.

Support:   No charge. Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm, EST (EDT).

Training:  No charge. Live web-based training as required, by appointment.

                  Many, quick and easy to follow training videos and online documentation.



Covert:      OBD II T-Harness – covert do it yourself installation. The OBD II T-harness is very easy to install and can be used to place the GO7 device behind the dash and frees up the OBDII port. Here are the instructions showing you how to install the T-Harness: OBD II T-harness installation.


The Geotab GO7

The Geotab GO7 is the world’s most powerful compact commercial vehicle tracking device. Requiring no technical knowledge, the Geotab GO7 can be user installed into the vehicle engine diagnostics port.

The GO7 is an all in one compact form factor package, featuring: the latest GPS technology, built-in accelerometer (measures vehicle swerve for accident data), built in antenna and with the ability to automatically measure and report on engine faults and diagnostic information.

The Differentiator – Geotab Marketplace

One key features that truly set Geotab apart from its competitors is the Geotab Marketplace. It is included in pricing. The Geotab Marketplace, like the Apple or Android App Store, is an extensive collection of valuable, business focused applications that are continuously evolving.  Many of these additional feature add-ons are either available for free or at a very minor cost.   If you’ve ever used the Apple or Android App Store, you know how value of these enhancements.

For more information please visit https://marketplace.geotab.com/about-marketplace

You can also view a introductory video here: https://youtu.be/3zuST2Vc5FU

Installation $0 – Do it yourself (so simple, even a child can install it):

Direct Installation to vehicle diagnostics port:

GO Installation

Can simply inserted into the vehicle engine diagnostic port (OBD II*). No technical knowledge required. The vehicle diagnostics port is typically found inside the vehicle to the left of the driver’s left foot.

*Available on every light duty vehicle after 1997, however a small minority of vehicles may require an adapter.  If an adapter is required, then it may affect the price. To confirm the compatibility of the tracking hardware, we need to know the vehicle make, model and year or VIN (vehicle identification #) See here: https://youtu.be/KmXJfkRXGm4

We look forward to hearing back from you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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