Referral Program

We here at GPS Tracking Canada are proud of the service we provide. That’s why we have a exceptional referral program. One of our core values is to treat our customers in the highest regards and treat them equally whether they have 1 unit or a 100. That’s why many of our clients are direct referrals from other satisfied clients. Therefore, as an appreciation to our loyal clients we have created a referral program.


If you like our service and would like to refer us to another company, we would be very grateful. We have an incentive program that you can keep in mind when you meet other people who may benefit from the vehicle tracking system:

 Upon their initial order with us, we will give you one month of free the live tracking service for every unit that they purchase.
 Ie. If they purchase 10 units on their initial order, we will give you 10 months of free tracking (1 month per unit).  The offer only applies to the initial order, with the intention that based on the influence of the referral, you’ll give them the confidence to outfit their entire fleet on the initial order.

We have clients who have taken advantage of this program and were able to get many months of free tracking.

Please have a look at this list:  Industries that can benefit from GPS Tracking:

We understand that you will be putting your good name on the line and you can rest assured the we will give them the highest level of service, whether they order one unit or one hundred units.




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