Removing Old Content from Pivot Tables

Walk-Thru on Removing Old Content from Pivot Tables

Provided by GPS Tracking Canada
If you ever run a Geotab Report, you may sometimes see old data in the drop-downs in a PivotTable. To lessen the confusion, there is a quick and simple fix for this that you can apply to any of your reports.
  1. Go to Administration -> Custom Reports
  2. Select the report you want to edit and click on Edit in Excel
  3. On the Summary tab of the report, right-click on a cell inside the pivot table
  4. Click on PivotTable Options
  5. Click on the Data tab
  6. In the Retain Items… section select None from the dropdown (Automatic by default)
  7. Click OK and then refresh the pivot table
  8. Save the report and close it
  9. Accept the changes in MyGeotab

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