Removing Units from Value Column of the Engine Status Report

This Walk-Thru Will Guide You To Remove Units From The Value Cell

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By default the Engine Status Report displays the value and units of each engine record in one cell of the Report sheet:


This looks and works great for most scenarios except when you want to manipulate the values, in this case you need to separate them into two different cells. If you click on the cell you will see that it is using the concatenate function:

=CONCATENATE(Data!M8," ",Data!N8)

The concatenate function is joining the content in Data!M8, the value, to that in Data!N8, the units. If you do not need the units then all you have to do is change the formula to:


The result will look like this:



If you do require the units then you should insert a column to the left of the column you are in and add: =Data!M8 to one and =Data!N8to the other.

Doing that will look like this:



Once you have made the changes in the Report sheet you should go to the Summary sheet and refresh the Pivot Table.
You do this by right-clicking anywhere in the Pivot Table area and then selecting Refresh.

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