Reporting Basics

Understanding your fleet’s behavior is made simple with the application. Report on activities such as deliveries per driver, average fuel consumption, drivers who speed and identify those most often late to arrive and early to depart. There are over 30 standard reports to choose from, as well as the ability to create limitless custom reports using Microsoft Excel. Reports can be downloaded to your computer in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel to further examine and work with the data.

Schedule your reports to be emailed to you daily, weekly, monthly, or on demand. With proactive management, you can create custom rules for your drivers and receive instant updates through email and more.

Configuring Reports

Navigate to Administration on the main menu. Select Reports… then Report views from the sub-menu. A new screen displays with a list of runnable reports. Custom reports appear at the top of the list and built-in reports follow below.

Report Basic ConfiguringClick on a report. You can assign a report to be part of the dashboard and/or emailed to you by changing the options to “Yes”

turn on dashboard option

turn on email option

Display Options allows you to configure the dashboard and email report to be available to specific groups of users. Report Data Configuration sets the data scope of the report

Report options


Reports can be customized to fit your needs. Please click the link for details.

Please click the following link for the official Geotab product guide

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