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We at GPS Tracking Canada provide many different solutions for different problems that our clients are looking to solve. One of the solutions we provided is being used specifically for tracking RV (recreational vehicles) for rentals. Our client rents out their RV on a website called RVEZY, which is designed to be a peer to peer marketplace for RV users. This means anyone can rent out their personal RV and recreational trailers on this website.


The client, an RVEZY user wanted to rent out his RV to other users and wants to make sure that the vehicle is not being abused. When the client contacted us initially, he wanted a system that will show the odometer of the vehicle directly on the system, as the in-vehicle odometer was not working. He also wanted to know if the engine RPM crossed a certain point, indicating that the vehicle is being driven hard. Another requirement was, that he wanted the ability to easily access the system on the phone and make sure that the system is easy to operate, as they are not the most technically inclined users. 

The ideal solution for them required the devices to be:

  • Plug n play and easy to install
  • Small size and unobtrusive 
  • Ability to read and transmits engine data
  • Ability to send notification for vehicle abuse 
  • Ability to set up geofence/zones to track if the vehicle is being outside the country or off-road. 


We decided that the ideal solution for this client would be the Geotab system.

  • The Geotab GO device is a compact device that can be directly plugged into the vehicle’s engine diagnostics port.
  • To make the device more secure and covert the client opted to use an OBD II T-harness.  
  • Since the client requires engine data, he opted to go with the Geotab Pro Plan. This has given him the ability to receive engine data, such as vehicle odometer, RPM’s, engine diagnostics light and codes and many other data.
  • The Pro plan also enables the client to monitor erratic driving and well as accident detection and reconstruction. 

The Geotab platform is designed to be fully scalable from as little as one vehicle to a thousand vehicles in a single database. This means the system is very easy to use, fully web-based, and apps for both IOS and Android. We at GPS Tracking Canada also like to provide personalized service and customer support to our clients, whether they have one vehicle or a whole fleet of vehicles. 

In Use:

Once the client received the device, he was able to quickly install it himself and initially set up the system. After he had a couple of rentals with the system applied, we did our introduction training with him. During the training, we were able to find out exactly how he wanted to customize the system for his use case. We helped him set up the following alerts:

  • Harsh braking/acceleration/cornering
  • Possible collision
  • Engine RPM over 5,000
  • Unauthorized device removal
  • Crossing a zone (border and storage yard) 

These alerts were set up to be sent via email and text message to him. Therefore, he was able to take a hands-off approach to tracking his RV while still being alerted to the important issues. In the following weeks and months, we helped the client tweak the system to even allow more hands-off use and showed him how to access the data for future claims and disputes with clients. 

Over the last two years, the client has been very happy and has provided us with a glowing testimonial posted below. 

If you are interested in learning more about tracking RV or any other type of GPS Tracking, please contact us and we would be happy to help. 


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