A GPS tracking solution for your business can do so much more than simply provide you location updates of your vehicles. As gas prices continue to soar it is becoming increasingly more important to reduce your fuel costs! Here are some of the ways in which our GPS tracking solutions can help you save on fuel, click on each heading to learn more!

delivery in progressReduce Engine Idling/Emissions with Rule Alerts

This one is a no brainer! Excessive (and pointless) idling costs you unnecessary money in wasted fuel. Many delivery companies see high idling times due to drivers leaving the vehicles running when they make their deliveries. With our solutions you can track idling at both the vehicle and driver level, giving you the information to address the problem.


IFTA – Tax Rebate Report

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is fuel tax collection agreement. It involves 10 Canadian provinces and 48 of the American states. Fuel taxes are paid based on the distance driven within each province/state, and by having a GPS tracking solution with GPS Tracking Canada we eliminate the work you need to do to get your tax rebate. You’ll find answers to some common questions here.


Keep Track of Mileage with Timesheet Reports

How far are your drivers traveling in a day? A tracking system lets you monitor trips as well as easily giving you mileage amounts to bill your customers accordingly. 


Reduce Speeding and Erratic Driving

Speeding and erratic driving behaviours such as harsh acceleration are inefficient, thus costing you more in gas. These events can be addressed with your drivers to help improve your fuel efficiency. 


Reduce or eliminate after hours or personal use

Do you employees take company vehicles home? A tracking system can let you determine any unauthorized after hours use. You can also see if they are spending excessive periods of time at the local Tim Horton’s or making unauthorized trips during the day.


Improve Dispatching with “Find Nearest”

When you know your vehicle’s location at all times you can make better decisions regarding who to dispatch based on their proximity. This saves time, which helps improve customer satisfaction! Not only does it save time, but it also saves money spent on gas and the inevitable wear and tear on the vehicle.


Improve Routing

When you improve your routing, not only will you complete routes faster but you will reduce the total distance driven! By optimizing your routes you will be able to work in more stops and reduce drivers or driver hours. 



PTO – Power Take Off

When auxillary equipment uses the same fuel tank as the vehicle in order to operate, the tax paid on the fuel may be refunded if certain requirements are met. Our solution has made it possible to easily track when the PTO is engaged to for refund requests. You can learn more about the PTO tax refunds here.


Live Tracking

The live tracking history lets you see where you vehicles were, how they got there, how long they spent there, and where they are now. Keeping track of your drivers and where they go helps you keep track of your fuel costs.


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