Selling and Supporting Productivity with GPS Tracking

by GPS Tracking Canada

Selling and Supporting Productivity 4 core pillars drive Geotab’s ongoing innovation, which helps businesses make impactful improvements with GPS Tracking:

1.Driver Safety



4.Fleet Optimization

Productivity Pillar – Where to Find the ROI

-Quickest way to find ROI.

-Commonly found to be the first need in small to medium sized fleets.

-Payroll confirmation of hours worked.

-Customer activity, billing verification.

-Drive time vs. customer time.

-Asset utilization.

-Unauthorized time; long lunches, coffee breaks, home stops.

-Work related miles driven; unnecessary miles driven.

-Real time dispatch and nearest to functionality.

Managing the below will assist with the assurance that productivity is being properly reported on.

-Real time location

-Accurate trip data

-Proper zone import

-Proper zone type organization

-Idling (whether they are focusing on it or not)

-Accurate time recording (usually at specific zone types)

-Accurate mileage recording

-Work hours

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