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The Geotab GPS tracking system is the BEST defense against Slip and Fall Claims.

In many ways, the Geotab GPS tracking system has an excellent reputation in the Snow Removal industry. It is especially useful with regards to slip and fall claims. The very detailed way that Geotab handles trips histories in reports as well as graphically, Snow Removal companies can rely on it to present the truth of their actions.

Here below is an actual image from a Snow Removal client, which he provided to his insurance company to defend against a slip and fall claim, by showing the actual date and time of entry and exit from a parking lot.
Note the time stamp is very accurate, showing the exact second that the vehicle entered and exited.  This level of detail is critical in a defense against a slip and fall claim.  Visually, the Geotab GPS tracking system shows data logging down to one second of accuracy, however the system records data down to 1/100th of one second of accuracy, should this granular level of data be required for accident reconstruction.
The Geotab GPS tracking system can also produce a report showing a sensor activity, such as a plow or salter (sander), when optionally connected to a sensor adapter.
The sensor status report would show:

  • date
  • time
  • sensor on / off
  • address

Ie. for plow it would show plow up or plow down and
for salter it would show salter on or salter off.

The Geotab GPS tracking system can also produce a report showing a sensor activity, such as a plow or salter (sander).  The sensor status report would show date, time, sensor on / off  and address. Ie. for plow it would show up or down and for salter it would show on or off.


Geotab GPS tracking system with the DICKEY-john Control Point
Spreader Controller Monitoring

For more sophisitcated applications, the Geotab GPS tracking system can also optionally connect to the DICKEY-john Control Point Control System to provide distances, time, and amount of granular and liquid materials being spread during winter storm events. DICKEY-john provides a particular Control Point® gives measurements and control to the municipal or public works vehicle operators in the application, spinner speed, and spread width of granular and liquid materials, such as salt and sand during winter conditions.  The data is captured and transmitted to Geotab tracking system, where exceptions can be created and reports generated.

Features & Benefits

  • View on a map which roads have been salted or sanded or had other material applied
  • View areas on a map where blasting occurred
  • Track distance, quantity, and time spent sanding, salting, blasting, or applying other materials
  • Compare application rates to ensure some drivers are not over or under applying material


Image showing entry and exit to a customer used to defend against slip and fall claims

Geotab image showing entry and exit from a zone for snow removal slip and fall claim

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