Buy Here, Pay Here
Sub-prime Financing market

If you are in the Buy Here, Pay Here Sub-prime Financing market,GPS Tracking Canada has a solution for you:

Sub-prime Financing Vehicle Tracking:

  • True “Automotive Grade” device, constructed to SAE standards of quality, with operating temperatures ranging from -25°c  to +70°c
  • Payment notification and reminder
  • Recover stolen vehicles or vehicles of delinquent accounts
  • Locate and track the vehicle in real time
  • Remotely disable the starter of a delinquent account or stolen vehicle.  Once the vehicle is tracked and found, remotely enable the starter to return the vehicle to the dealership
  • Saves on reposession services
  • Reduces Insurance Premiums
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
  • Internal Battery Back-Up
  • Power Loss Alert
  • Battery low voltage Alert
  • SMS & Email Alerting
  • Starter Disable Tamper Alert
  • Easy Installation
  • Intuitive and Comprehensive Web Application
  • Pre-set geofences of vehicles and receive alerts if vehicle leaves a user-specified geographical boundary
  • Receive daily location reports
  • Increase revenue and sales by extending credit to a broader customer base
  • Reduce payment delinquency by as much as 80%
  • Improve overall dealership efficiency
  • NO hidden sign up fees
  • NO hidden activation fees
  • Our devices will remain activated forever at no extra costs
  • All units are delivered preprogrammed and activated and are ready to go, simply plug and play!
  • All modules are housed in a nearly indestructible polycarbonate casing with high resistance to heat and dust

GPS Tracking Canada’s Sub-prime Financing Vehicle Tracking system is a Payment Reminder system that will give buy here-pay here (BHPH) dealers additional tools to enable more timely collections.
Sub-prime Financing Vehicle TrackingSub-prime Financing Vehicle Tracking
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