After your Surfsight AI-12 Camera has been installed in your vehicle, it will require some tuning before it is ready for everyday use. Please follow the steps below to perform the Surfsight AI-12 initial settings setup to ensure your device is fully ready for use.



Confirm that the vehicle is parked on a flat surface with the ignition and camera ON before following these steps!

  1. Press the touch screen and input your security PIN (on new devices, this PIN will be 3333).
  2. Navigate to the settings menu and select Calibrate. This will take a couple seconds and will change the status to Done.
  3. You can now begin setting driver alerts in the camera’s settings menu as desired, or within your MyGeotab database under the Surfsight>Vehicles tabs and select the camera you wish to edit, or select multiple for a bulk edit.

In the event you cannot calibrate the camera since you cannot access the vehicle, you can calibrate the cameras by navigating to the Vehicles menu under the Surfsight tab in MyGeotab and clicking Calibrate along the top of the menu.

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