The Surveying Industry uses GPS Tracking to manage their fleet vehicles

The surveying industry has been around ever since the first architects and planners needed a way to take uneven grades into account in ancient building projects. Since then, many of the tools of this essential trade have remained remarkably unchanged. Today, however, surveyors have added a tremendously powerful and efficient new tool to their kit – GPS Tracking.

GPS tracking devices aids heavy construction in many important ways throughout the surveying process. For starters, it ensures that the construction company gets its vehicles and equipment to the correct site in a timely and fuel-efficient manner, helping the entire project stay on schedule. GPS machine control devices can also take an accurate measure of grade and position the job traditionally performed by old-fashioned staking. The more sophisticated GPS machine control systems can actually tell excavators exactly where to start digging into the earth, and in some cases the systems can even position the blade automatically for them. All of this happens in a flash, with a dashboard indicator relaying all the necessary information to the driver.

GPS tracking technology may have changed surveying, but it hasn’t taken away the need for surveyors. The elimination of staking doesn’t put surveyors out of a job, it just means that their job has now entered a new age. Even the most advanced GPS tracking system requires skilled surveyors to set it up and use it properly. In any case, some surveying tasks will always require manual intervention instead of automation. But GPS now enables the surveyors to focus more of their attention on that high-level work instead of more mundane problem solving. It’s a textbook example of how modern technology can boost efficiency and help companies get the most out of their talent pool. Can GPS tracking provide similar leaps forward for your business?

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