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Benefits Included For Your Dispatch, Customer Service, Drivers, Upper Management, Hands-Free Logbook, and Many More


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  • Dispatch – A GPS tracking solution will enable dispatchers to send drivers to more jobs without having to hire more drivers or purchase more vehicles. Routing becomes simpler and clearer resulting in increased accuracy, lower fuel consumption, less wear and tear on your vehicles, explicit data on maintenance, and so much more.  The advantages to your dispatchers are valuable and immediate.
  • Customer Service – Ensuring that your customers get the best service and the best travel time possible to their destination is your business. With the use of a GPS tracking solution, your customer service staff are made more efficient, because they can tell your customers with far more accuracy how long they will have to wait for their taxi and they can tell your drivers the best way to get where they are going, your drivers can be routed to the nearest fare quicker, and your customers benefit from the increased accuracy, reduced delays in arrival time and improved service.  These are just a few of the ways your customers and your employees will enjoy GPS tracking.
  • Drivers –  Your drivers can use the GPS system to supplement their tickets and verify the time they spent picking up fares and taking them to their destinations.  A GPS tracking solution will show the their time of arrival, departure and transit,  giving them a reliable way to track their progress and protecting them (and you!) against customer complaints.
  • Upper Management – Increased efficiency is the cornerstone of ROI. A GPS Tracking solution saves your business time and money.  Your customers will benefit from the increased efficiency, because your drivers will be able to pick up more customers and these customers will come away with a better impression of your company.
  • Automatic time sheet reports: Your drivers no longer need to record their mileage and customer call logs, A GPS tracking system will do it for them! This saves time and enables drivers to focus on delivering outstanding service.

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