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We started using your GPS tracking system a few months ago and we’ve noticed that it has had a beneficial impact on our business. We purchased the system with the Garmin GPS attachment and we use the GPS tracking system to send out routes to the Garmin. This solution has helped our dispatcher with her interaction with the drivers and it has also helped our drivers become more efficient. The addition of the Garmin GPS attachment helped “sell” the GPS tracking solution to our drivers. The drivers discovered that their job has become less stressful with the Garmin guiding them throughout the day.

We also use the GPS tracking system to keep on top our driver’s hours of operation. This measurement has certainly helped keep our labour costs accurate. Many of our drivers drive the van home and start and end their work day at home, so the GPS tracking system give us an accurate picture of the start and end of their work day.

The system has helped us reduce fuel costs through efficient routing and transmission to the Garmin. We also discovered that one of our employees was in the habit of letting his van idle during his lunch hour, as he sat eating his lunch. After this discovery, we were able to set up alerts and use the driver feedback function to help us modify this behavior. I only wonder how much fuel has been wasted over the years with this long time employee and without GPS tracking we wouldn’t have known it was going on.

Overall the GPS tracking system has helped us save money on labour and fuel costs and we would recommend this system to others who are interested in increasing the efficiency of their business. Thank you for your help in getting the system up and running and for your continued follow up.


Peter Fudge

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