Testimonial Letter from

EM Plastic

To GPS Tracking Canada



We met last year and you showed us your GPS tracking system. When you showed us what the system could do and how it would help us, I knew that it would be beneficial to our company. We purchased units for 4 trucks and in the first month the system paid for itself. In the first month alone, we were able to save $625.00. We were very surprised to learn how time the drivers spent waiting around. The first improvement that we noticed was just much quicker our drivers started their day in the morning, after we discussed the delays with the drivers.

The next improvement that we noticed was with customer service. Because the system lets us know exactly where our drivers are, we are able to convey this information to our customers. In situations where there was issues with driver delays at customer loading docks, we were able to use the information that the system provided to resolve these issues.

Overall we are very pleased with the system. We have ordered additional units from you since last year and we’ll continue use the system, as it has become integral to managing our mobile assets. Thanks very much for your help. We would recommend that other companies with trucks could benefit from doing business with you and your GPS tracking service.


Brian Pereman

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