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Lincoln County Humane Society

I would like to take an opportunity to share my experiences about GPS Tracking Canada with you. 

For a few years we have been using your GPS units and system. From the onset, I was pleased at the functionality of the software and found easy to navigate. I am also satisfied with the monthly cost. 

While your software does many things, I have used a few of the items that apply to our business and had to call your support staff for assistance. Every time I called they have been very helpful and resolved my issue during the phone call. We now have the system set up to our liking with monitoring of problem areas, driving rules in place and actual kilometer monitoring for various municipalities. The monitoring and safety aspects are what has kept me with your company, while other companies have solicited my business recently.

I look forward to working with your staff and GPS tracking in the future. 

Lincoln County Humane Society

Kevin Strooband – Executive Director

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Lincoln County Humane Society Testimonial
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