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Pfenning’s Organic Vegetables Inc.

You guys rock. I really like the tracking system and it’s usefulness in monitoring and managing my vehicles. With your custom report, we’ve setup a driver score card on the system, with weighting of speeding, idling and erratic driving. The drivers are on a bonus system, where they will receive a $50.00 bonus at the end of the month if they meet certain criteria with improved driving behaviour. We can use the information provided by the system to reward good behaviour, rather than penalize poor behaviour. This becomes a win/win situation for both the company and the drivers. We are happy to pay the $50.00 bonus to the drivers, because the amount that the company saves in developing safe habits in our drivers as well as reduced fuel and maintenance costs, far exceeds the cost of the bonus.

We were previously using another tracking system for many years. We are very happy that we moved to the system provided by GPS Tracking Canada for many reasons. The top of that list includes awesome and responsive customer service and a more accurate tracking system with many more features to help manage significant assets in our business, drivers and vehicles.

Thanks again,

Pfenning’s Organic Vegetables Inc.

Ekk Pfenning


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