Testimonial Letter from

Queen City Sewer Service of Regina

To GPS Tracking Canada


Hi Ellie:

This testimonial letter is a follow up to our phone conversation today. I wish to express how

happy we are with the tracking system from GPS Tracking Canada and would be happy to

recommend it to any company that uses vehicles as part of their business.

The system is easy to use, I in fact installed the system myself -4 trucks in less than 40

minutes! As well, I am pleased with the training and the help you have given us in the setup of the system. My computer illiterate husband/business partner is able to use the program

without supervision.

This system has helped us financially when the report showed us that a driver had done a job and forgot to invoice the client, something that without the system would have been missed.

We have also used the systems diagnostic for a repair to a truck that we were then able to do ourselves rather than taking it to a repair shop, saving time off the road and costs for a


This system tracks the drivers and has enabled us to ensure they are being safe on the road and handling our vehicles responsibly.

And finally it gives us peace of mind knowing where our drivers are and if they are safe. The week prior to installation of this system we had one of our trucks break down in a rural area and it took us a couple of hours to find him, now with the GPS we can be there sooner.

I hope this letter helps you, if you meet anyone who is uncertain about the value of the tracking system or whether to do business with you and GPS Tracking Canada.


Cheryl Collins


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