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Testimonial Letter from

The Waterproofer

Dear Ellie,

Thank you for your help in setting up the GPS tracking system. It has helped us immensely. We were able to save a significant sum on labour costs by making the drivers more efficient. When our employees fill out their time sheets they were rounding up the time to the nearest hour at the end of the day. With the GPS we could tell exactly when they arrived at the shop at the end of the day. This ten to fifteen minutes they were rounding daily added  up to thousands of dollars per year. We even found that a long time employee was taking some afternoons off and sitting in Tim Hortons. We were also able to monitor engine idling and by bringing this to the attention of the employees, we also saved on fuel costs. Overall, the GPS tracking system has paid for itself many times over.

We would recommend your company to anyone who would be interested in receiving great service from a GPS tracking company.


Stephen Ksiazek – President

The Waterproofer

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