Testimonial Letter from

M Fibres

To GPS Tracking Canada

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us with the GPS truck tracking system. We now know where the drivers are all the time. We don’t have to wonder where they are or call them. We just have to look on the GPS tracking system. The tracking system has made our drivers more productive. We know less time is wasted, deliveries are done quicker and as a result we are able to get in one more delivery a day, which of course helps our bottom line. We only have two trucks, but with increased efficiency as a result of the GPS tracking system we are able to add one extra delivery, per day, per truck, which translates to an extra $38,000.00 in revenue per month.

Thanks for your help. We would recommend this GPS tracking system to other companies who want to save money and or increase revenue.

Yours truly,

Mike McKenna


M Fibres

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