Testimonial Letter from

Oakhill Tree Service

To GPS Tracking Canada

Dear Ellie,

We would like to thank you for all ofyour help in getting us started with the GPS tracking system. Installing this GPS tracking system was the best decision this company made in the last year. It is giving us a much clearer picture as to where our workers are and how long they have been at the job. The majority ofour business is contract work which is time sensitive. Having this system we are now able to access information that will allow us to quote jobs in a more competitive way. The PTO for bucket trucks will also help save us money — due to the government fuel tax rebate and that is always a good thing. We would like to thank you Ellie for all of the support you have given us in setting up and understanding the system. You are so pleasant and helpful and we enjoy dealing with you.

We would recommend this system and you to anyone.


Oakhill Tree Service

Dawn Christensen

Office Manager

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