If we ever had any questions or concerns, you always made yourself available to help us.We are a couple of thousand kilometers away from you, so we have never met, but you always treated us like we are a local client….read more…
A-1 Towing, Auto Express & Expediting
Iqbal Mahmood

I just wanted to say that we really like the GPS fleet tracking system. We like that it is easy to use and it works well.What we like most is the amount money that we have saved in gas costs and labour costs…read more…
A Plus Air Systems
Shams Haqanee – President

We met last year and purchased a GPS tracking solution from you.I would highly recommend others to contact you if they are looking for a knowledgeable, honest salesperson who cares about his customers…read more…
Ability Health Care Supplies
Richard Makhlouta – Vice President

We are happy with the fleet tracking system.  It’s working well for us. Thanks for helping us setup the system. I appreciate that you took…read more…
Clarke Basement Systems
Dalen Sharp

Overall the GPS tracking system has helped us save money on labour and fuel costs and we would recommend this system to others who are interested in increasing the efficiency of their business. Thank you for your help in getting the system up and running and for your continued follow up…. read more…
Cosmo Music
Peter Fudge

In the first month alone, we were able to save $625.00. We were very surprised to learn how time the drivers spent waiting around … read more…
EM Plastic
Brian Pereman

In this writing, I would like to express my satisfaction with the tracking system provided to us by GPS Tracking Canada. The system has helped our company and drivers in different ways; The main feature …read more…
Kevin Jiricka

We only have two trucks, but with increased efficiency as a result of the GPS tracking system we are able to add one extra delivery, per day, per truck, which translates to an extra $38,000.00 in revenue per month …read more…
M Fibres
Mike McKenna

Installing this system was the best decision this company made in the last year.It is giving us a much clearer picture as to where our workers are and how long they have been at the job …read more…
Oakhill Tree Service
Dawn Christensen

We were previously using another tracking system for many years. We are very happy that we moved to the system provided by GPS Tracking Canada for many reasons. The top of that list includes …read more…
Pfenning’s Organic Vegetables 
Ekk Pfenning

I wish to express how happy we are with the tracking system from GPS Tracking Canada and would be happy to recommend it to any company that uses vehicles as part of their business …read more
Queen City Sewer Service of Regina
Cheryl Collins

With the GPS we could tell exactly when they arrived at the shop at the end of the day.This ten to fifteen minutes they were rounding daily added up to thousands of dollars per year… … read more…
The Waterproofer
Stephen Ksiazek – President

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