The Geotab Way – An Engineering Approach to Everything

The Geotab Way is a understanding of when a company makes everything hardware, software and firmware

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The Geotab Way – An Engineering Approach to Everything. Geotab makes everything, Hardware, Software and Firmware. The Geotab Terminology – Curve Based Logging
In the original GPS logging algorithm first used by Geotab, the decision as to whether to save a GPS data point was decided in real time based on previously saved GPS data. In order to more accurately and efficiently save the GPS data it was decided to retroactively save the data based on specific criteria.
As GPS data is received it is stored in a speed buffer and a position buffer. The curve based logging algorithm makes use of a standard curve reduction technique on both the speed curve and the position curve data to decide which GPS points to log after enough points have been received.

Understanding Data Transmission – The expected position of the vehicle differs from the actual position of the vehicle by more than a set threshold.
●The GPS speed and position buffers fill up (currently 100 points = 100 seconds).
●Heartbeats when parked, every ½ hour, increasing to every 23 hours.

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