The vehicle tracking system strongest consideration should be the ROI.

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When buying a vehicle tracking system the number one consideration should be the return on investment. The return on investment often depends on what features the GPS tracking system includes, so comparing features as well as costs is very important before deciding on a system.

GPS tracking for fleet tracking and vehicle tracking has been around for over a decade. The tracking systems help companies to improve their businesses and trim costs in many different ways. Just by knowing where their vehicles are at all times can instantly transform the way a business operates. Together with the fact that most vehicle tracking systems store the data they receive for up to 2 years, you have a business tool that can also help you generate wage claims, confirm overtime claims and help monitor all areas of field worker activity and productivity and even help protect you from law suits.

The Many Proven Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Include:

* fleet tracking can reduce fuel bills by up to 15-20%
* GPS fleet tracking can substantially increase productivity and reduce overtime claims
* Vehicle tracking systems can improve vehicle and driver safety
* GPS tracking can improve customer service
* fleet tracking systems can help reduce the carbon footprint
* vehicle tracking solutions can increase vehicle security (some systems can also reduce insurance premiums)

There are many GPS vehicle tracking systems on the market and there are key differences between what they do and the benefits and return on investment they can offer

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