Theft Tracking

With Wialon



The Wialon system has many ways you can utilize for theft tracking. This feature is essential as it can save you a lot of money and help you recover your valuable vehicles.

The system allows you to use the following to manage your vehicles for theft tracking:

  1. All of our theft plans map the ignition cycles of your vehicles
    • We can also track the vehicle moving with ignition off >30 KM/h, as all our Wialon hardware pieces come with a backup battery for cases where power is disconnected. 
  2. A  “Heartbeat monitor” every 24 hours when your vehicle is not in use, to remind you where it is. 
  3. Alerts for when a unit is disconnected from power and automatically switches to battery
  4. Alerts for when the unit is moving over a certain speed after hours
  5. Alerts when units leave a specific geofence or location

Here are some of the notifications that can be setup in the system for theft tracking.

In the event of potential theft, the GPS can send you a notification. There are different ways of detecting it. Here are three different examples,


1. Geofence Alert:
If a vehicle crosses the used defined geofence, it will send you an alert. It can be very useful when a vehicle is parked at an unsecured location at night. if someone is trying to move the vehicle out of the geofence. The GPS tracking will detect that and send you an alert right away.

2. Movement during a certain time period (trailers): 

If the trailers are moved during a preset time period i.e moved at night, the system will send you an alert. 

All notifications can be customized with various settings. Therefore, you can setup notifications to be sent out only in a certain time period. 

3. Moving with Ignition Off Alert (for vehicles):
If a vehicle is getting towed without turning on the ignition, it will send you an alert.

An alert can be used by itself or combined with other alerts. Alerts can me sent via email, text and an onscreen popup. Any combination of alerts can be setup for your all or any individual  tracking units.

Notifications can also be modified to various parameters, such as location, sensor data, and many other parameter. 


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